Cherry Blossoms


Cherry blossoms were used to induce nationalism from the Japanese people and motivate them in times of war.

Words–the same agent that motivated me to come up with more words. Today, I’m writing again, but this time I’m doing it not for grades, not for my responsibilities as an educator, and not as a researcher. This time I’m writing in order for my words to live again, for myself, and for the literary world. For weeks, I’ve been thinking about my friend’s words to me the last time we met in 2009. Fast forward to this day, and we still haven’t met again, but I hope that when he reads this, he remembers those words that were like cherry blossoms to me. He’s not the most important person in my life, nor did we have an intimate relationship or a very special one at that, but he was/is part of my “writing again.”

This teaches me of how powerful words can be, because as much as photos, they are also memories. They come back to you whenever they want to, at the most inconvenient times, at the most unusual places. And you see yourself — yes, writing again.  🙂